About Us

Owner/Cheese Maker Sarah Hoffmann and Owner/Farmer Jacqueline Smith share a commitment to bring the best farmstead sheep's milk cheeses, yogurt and 100% grass-fed lamb to market.

Set in the bluffs above the Missouri River Valley about 40 miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri, the terrain of the farm is steep and rolling with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Our lovely high pastures receive cool breezes in the summer, and low areas offer dense shade and meandering streams for blistering summer days. In winter, the trees offer shelter from freezing winds, and the hills provide our sheep the opportunity to soak up the sun's warmth.

Due to the steepness of the land and the highly erodible nature of the soil, the ground here is best suited to permanent pasture.

We live and farm based on these principles.

  • We do not use synthetic chemicals, hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. We use antibiotics only when necessary to treat sick animals. We never use sub-therapeutic doses of antibiotics or other growth promoters.
  • We don't use pesticides or herbicides on our pastures.
  • We practice management-intensive grazing by moving our animals to new pastures every 24 hours. This practice means our sheep receive the best nutrition possible. In addition, soil fertility is constantly improved and soil erosion is virtually eliminated. We are firmly committed to the idea that a foundation of healthy soil is the key to growing nutritious grass, happy animals, and satisfied customers.
  • We actively promote the return of indigenous, soil-building plant species to our pastures.
  • We have and use numerous renewable energy sources on the farm, including passive solar, active solar, wind electricity generation and solar hot water.
  • We avoid synthetic petrochemical fertilizers on our farm by having our animals naturally fertilize pastures through rotational grazing, and by spreading composted wastes and whey on the pastures.
  • We limit the use of fossil fuels on our farm by having the animals harvest their own food through grazing, rather than harvesting the feed with a tractor.
  • We carefully monitor and manage our flock to select for healthy animals that have important traits for good health, disease and parasite resistance, and high-quality milk.
  • We benefit from state-of-the-art efficiency in terms of insulation, water- and electricity-saving appliances, and a state-of-the-art waste water treatment septic system that we installed when building the farm. These systems help to conserve resources and protect our water shed.
  • We believe that our customers have the right to know everything about what goes into their food and how it was produced. We will always be open and transparent about our practices. If you have questions about how we do things, please feel free to email info@greendirtfarm.com or call 816-386-2156.
Learn more about Green Dirt Farm by watching this 2:08 video.

Watch a two-minute video about our farm, produced by Whole Foods in May 2011.

Green Dirt Farm is Animal Welfare Approved

Green Dirt Farm is Animal Welfare Approved.Because of our farming practices and philosophies, our farm has undergone and passed a strict audit by Animal Welfare Approved.

Animal Welfare Approved audits and certifies family farms raising their animals humanely, outdoors on pasture or range. Farmers who earn the AWA seal benefit from having a third-party verification of their high-welfare practices and consumers benefit by knowing that the humane label means what it says.

Animal Welfare Approved farms allow animals to behave naturally and socialize freely. On our farm, you will see animals living comfortably, with plenty of room to romp outside, eating the foods that are best for their bodies.