Fresh Cheeses

Fresh sheep's milk cheese from Green Dirt Farm.Our fresh sheep's milk cheese has a delicate, spreadable curd with a delicious tangy flavor that comes from the flavors of fresh milk and grasses from our pastures.

We make five varieties: Plain, Nettle, Garlic & Peppercorn, Spicy Chilis and Rosemary.

The light texture and clean, grassy flavors found in our fresh cheeses make them perfect for spreading on crackers, sandwiches and fruit. We also love to crumble it into omelets, salads and pizza.

Our Fresh cheeses have been recognized for outstanding flavor and quality at the American Cheese Society's prestigious annual competitions. In 2009, Fresh Plain and Fresh Nettle took top honors in their category. In 2012, Fresh Nettle and Fresh Rosemary received first and second place awards. In 2013, Fresh Plain won first place, while Fresh Rosemary took second and Fresh Garlic & Peppercorn received third place.

2013 ACS Winner

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How to Buy Fresh Cheese

Our fresh cheeses come in 4 oz. plastic clamshell containers. You may purchase them here on our website, at a Kansas City area farmers' market in which we participate or find them at these fine shops that sell our cheese.

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