Green Dirt Farm lamb is 100% grass fed. Currently, lamb may be purchased special order. To place an order, email Lori at lori@greendirtfarm or call the office at 816-386-2156.

The most economical option is to order a whole locker lamb. With a hanging weight of 30-40 lbs., a locker lamb is $7.50/lb. A $100 deposit is required at time of order.

Our processor, Paradise Locker Meats, will be happy to butcher your lamb per your directions, or you may opt to receive these standard cuts:

  • 2 packages frenched racks
  • 2 packages loin chops
  • 2 shanks, cut Osso Bucco-style
  • 2 legs (bone-in, bone-out whole or cut in half, or cut into kabob meat)
  • 2 shoulders (bone-in, bone-out, whole or cut 1/2, or cut into stew meat)
  • 2-3 pounds ground lamb
  • All bones for making stock
  • Organs

Individual cuts are usually available at farmers' markets in which we participate in metro Kansas City, Missouri. Be aware that all lamb we sell is frozen according to federal food safety laws.

Lambs are custom processed to order based on availability. The first lambs of the season will be available in mid-July. When you speak with Lori (816-386-2156 or to place an order, she will confirm processing and delivery dates with you.

There are several ways to get your order. You may:

Both Green Dirt Farm and Paradise Locker Meats are Animal Welfare Approved.We and our meat processor are endorsed by Animal Welfare Approved, an organization that audits and certifies family farms raising their animals humanely, outdoors on pasture or range. To maintain this certification, we happily undergo a rigorous annual audit by AWA.

To order a locker lamb or make delivery arrangements, please contact Lori at lori@greendirtfarm or 816-386-2156.

This isn't your supermarket's lamb.

Unlike lamb you'll find at most grocery stores, our lambs are raised on legume-improved grass pastures with ample shelter and easy access to shade and fresh water.

We carefully manage our pastures to ensure high quality nutrition for the animals and protection from over-grazing for the plants. In the depths of winter, when pasture grasses and legumes are in short supply, lambs are fed nutritious alfalfa hay. As we improve our pastures, we expect to be able to graze year-round.

The result is premium quality lamb of unsurpassed tenderness and flavor. Conventional lamb just can't measure up.

Our methods are based in the organic tradition, although we are not certified organic (please feel free to ask us about this.) We continuously ask ourselves if each aspect of our farming practice upholds the highest standards for protecting the environment. In particular we believe that a foundation of healthy soil is the key to growing nutritious grass, happy animals, and satisfied customers.