Cheese Appreciation Events

2015 Schedule Coming Soon!

Our 2015 Cheese Appreciation Events schedule will be announced the first week of March. Please check back with us then for more details. Tickets for our cheese tasting events go on sale at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, March 25th. We think you'll really enjoy this year's line-up of events.

At Green Dirt Farm's Cheese Appreciation Event, guests discover, sample and discuss outstanding artisan cheeses from across America. Photo: Bonjwing Lee

In the meantime, read below to review what we were tasting last year!

This year, our sixth season of creating Cheese Appreciation Events on the farm, we are excited to present ten themed events — diverse and exciting — each of which occurs twice on back-to-back Saturday and Sunday afternoons. You’ll have the opportunity to discover and sample the best regional, artisan and farmhouse American cheeses, carefully curated with beverages from wonderful brewers and winemakers from throughout our region.

By setting a table to give farmers, producers and you, our customer, a chance to gather and explore a variety of products, we intend to engage all your senses. You will learn about each cheese (carefully paired with wine, beer or champagne), its history and style, and the farm — or creamery — where it was handcrafted. You’ll also learn about the various beverages, often directly from the brewer or winemaker who produced it.

Green Dirt Farm is excited to spur conversations and grow more interest in the values that motivate us to be on the land. We hope you’ll enjoy visiting us in Weston to experience the farm and the products you so enjoy.

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2014 Cheese Appreciation Events Schedule

All events start at 3:00 p.m. and end at 5:00 p.m.


Saturday, May 10th --or-- Sunday, May 11th SOLD OUT

Cow, goat or sheep. Which animal’s milk helps to make the best cheese and how does their milk differ from each other’s? Find out by tasting local farmstead cheeses that best represent each type of milk and even try certain cheese that blends them together. Each cheese will be paired with a carefully selected wine. Compare and share your thoughts and preferences. We, of course, may be biased.



Saturday, May 24th --or-- Sunday, May 25th SOLD OUT

We’ve created a new theme for this year that is sure to be a huge hit with fans of craft beers. One of our favorite ambassador brewers, Jeremy Danner from the Boulevard Brewing Company will take us on a taste tour of five of his favorite craft brewery specialties which he’ll couple with five of our favorite small dairy cheeses, all crafted within a couple hours drive from Green Dirt Farm. Come find out why it’s quality and not quantity that matters most.


Saturday, June 7th --or-- Sunday, June 8th SOLD OUT

Explore the topic of pasture-raised animals and the impact this diet has on the flavor of cheese. Pasture-raised animals provide milk which changes flavor with the seasons, thus changing the taste of the cheeses made from it. We will highlight grass-fed cheeses from various American cheese making regions all capturing the essence of their environment. It is only fitting to explore this connection between soil and food by partnering with a favorite local winery, Amigoni Urban Winery, for this tasting. You will sample a selection of Amigoni’s wines that are grown, barreled and bottled right in Kansas City. Michael Amigoni (winemaker/owner) and Kerri Amigoni (owner) will be on hand to discuss their winery and the story behind each pairing.



Saturday, June 21st --or-- Sunday, June 22nd

We all know cheese is delicious, but have you ever wondered why it tastes so darned good? What makes one cheese better than another? Area cheese expert Lincoln Broadbooks from the Better Cheddar pairs up with our own cheese maker Sarah Hoffmann to guide guests through a tasting journey exploring cheese from making to selling. Five cheeses will be selected and paired with five beverages. Ask the experts any questions you may have about cheese, please. You’re sure to learn a lot.

LOCAL CHEESE & BEER with Boulevard Brewing Company

Saturday, August 16th --or-- Sunday, August 17th SOLD OUT

One of our most popular tastings, this event is a collaboration of local and regional cheese makers and Kansas City’s own Boulevard Brewing Company. You will sample cheese from Green Dirt Farm, Goatsbeard Farm and Baetje Farms, among others. A member of Boulevard’s Quality Assurance Team, Elizabeth Belden and our friends at Boulevard will help create the perfect beer pairing for each selection. Elizabeth will co-host with our own Sarah Hoffmann on Saturday and a representative from the brewery along with Sarah, will be on hand Sunday to discuss selections and talk about Boulevard beers.


THE TASTE OF TIME with Jenny Vergara

Saturday, September 13th --or-- Sunday, September 14th SOLD OUT

Some things just get better with time... We know the harvest table will be hopping as local celebrity foodie blogger and founder of the underground supper club ‘The Test Kitchen," Jenny Vergara joins us for the first time. She’ll help us explore the aging process on both cheese and wine. You will taste three different Green Dirt Farm cheeses at an early stage paired with early vintage wine; then you’ll taste an aged version of the same three cheeses, but paired with an older vintage of the same wines. Jenny and our very own Sarah Hoffmann, and sommelier Eric Willey, the general manager at bluestem, will help us explore the difference between young and old.

AMERICAN BLUES & BREWS with Free State Brewing

Saturday, October 11th --or-- Sunday, October 12th

Though we don’t produce a blue cheese ourselves, we love the diverse style of artisan blues that American cheese makers are crafting. You will savor a selection of blue cheeses made from cow, goat and sheep’s milk from around the country — Vermont, Wisconsin, Oregon and Missouri. Cheeses will range from dry to creamy and mild to pungent, savored with some outstanding locally produced beers provided by our friends at Free State Brewing in Lawrence.


CHOCOLATE & CHEESE with Christopher Elbow

Saturday, October 25th: Two events on the same day! SOLD OUT
Times: Noon to 2pm --or-- 3pm to 5pm

So you know that wine and cheese are the traditional marriage of flavors. You may even understand that beer and cheese can be FBF — fermented best friends. But there is a new partnership we think certain to become an unconventional and favored twist to taste. We are honored to be teaming up with Kansas City chocolatier Christopher Elbow for our first ever Chocolate and Cheese event. Christopher’s dazzling artisan chocolates will dance duets with Green Dirt Farm’s award winning cheeses. Love at first...and second...bite!


Saturday, November 1st

True cheese enthusiasts know that when it comes to stinky cheese, you can’t believe everything you smell. Though there are many styles of stinky cheese, such as soft-ripened and blue, at this event you will sample a selection of washed-rind cheeses from highly respected American cheese makers. Our visiting wine expert, Joyce Angelos Walsh, will pair aromatic cheeses with a selection of dessert-style wines.

For more information, view FAQs about our tasting events.

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Tickets are non-refundable and available on a first come, first served basis. Seating is limited to 30 per event. For more information about our tastings, view Cheese Appreciation Event FAQs.

Like our Farm Table Dinners, Cheese Appreciation Events take place in the fully covered barn at the farm, located in the scenic Missouri River bluffs outside Weston, Missouri.

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