What’s So Great About Wool?



Have you ever wondered why wool has been such a treasured fiber for thousands of years? Wool’s biggest claim to fame is its legendary ability to maintain the body temperature of those wearing it. Including our ewes, who are kept warm in winter and cool in summer by their thick coats.

But once a year, we shear the ewes coats off. This may seem to contradict what I just said about their comfort; however, removing our sheep’s wool is very important for their well-being. That’s because their wool never sheds and continues to grow ever bigger. You’ll see what happens when you watch this video of the poor sheep that got lost in the Australian Outback and had 78 lbs of wool on him when he was found!

YouTube video

Every year we’ve wrestled with what to do with the wool our sheep produce. After all, we’re a dairy and cheese maker, not a wool producer. Most year’s in the past, we sold it to a coop- but we only earned a quarter of what it cost to shear them!

Last year, we partnered with the Zeilinger Wool Company in Frankenmuth, Michigan, for the first time. Zeilinger’s team took our raw wool and cleaned and carded it, making it into batting. Then they filled natural cotton covers to create duvets and pillows that are a perfect weight for both winter and summer. The duvets have a remarkable ability to adjust to just the right temperature for sleeping. Our ewes’ wool is a wonderful material with natural loft and insulating properties, making it excellent for bedding.

Our duvets and pillows are all natural and hypoallergenic, with no chemicals or plastics in the growing or processing. They’re the perfect weight to keep us comfortably warm in winter and cool in summer- just like our ewes! And they make wonderful family heirlooms that we know will last for generations.

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