A Note from Eliza


With the start of the new year came new ideas, new jobs, a lot of changes, and most importantly excitement. Our AWA partner dairies started supplying the Cheese Kitchen with oodles of fresh sheep’s milk, our wonderful Border Collie pups are getting older and going to their new homes, and breeding season has begun. The Cheese Kitchen has lots of exciting new products they are working on, but I’ll leave talking about that to them. This note is about what’s been happening with our animals.

On the farm these days we have been very busy! At the end of January, we spent a day taking a close look at all our sheep. We checked the condition of the ladies, especially our 10 oldest girls (one of whom is healthy and thriving at age 11, a very advanced age for a sheep). At the same time we separated the girls into our breeding groups. 35 special ladies were chosen to be part of the first Breeding Group, and at the end of the day we introduced our ram, Herbert, to this carefully selected flock. The rest of our ewes and the remaining lambs from last year, all went to a new paddock with the llamas to watch over them!

Herbert, the ram, has been a very busy boy for the past two weeks. Nearly all of the ewes in with him have been bred. You might be wondering “why this matters?”…well, it matters because we are going to have LAMBS at the end of JUNE! This year, we are hoping to introduce a new lambing-volunteer program so if you are interested, please stay tuned!