Aged Cheese


SOLD OUT for 2017 Holiday Season. Try three of our award winning aged cheeses in this collection: Aux Arcs, Ruby and Prairie Tomme.



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This collection contains a delicious assortment of our aged cheese styles from soft ripened to long aged.  You’ll receive a four ounce wedge of Aux Arcs (pronounced “Ozark”), our sweet and buttery blended cow and sheep’s milk, Alpine style, hard cheese; a ten ounce square of Ruby, our beautiful new sheep and cow’s milk blended Robiola style cheese; and a four ounce wedge of Prairie Tomme, our long aged, Alpine style, sheep’s milk cheese with flavors of toasted nuts and caramel. Due to the hand crafted nature of our cheese the sizes are approximate, but rest assured we’ll make sure your cheeses are at least these sizes. More detailed descriptions of the individual cheeses. 

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Cheese One

Woolly, Prairie Tomme, Tuffet

Cheese Two

Woolly, Prairie Tomme, Tuffet

Cheese Three

Woolly, Prairie Tomme, Tuffet