Aged Cheese Collection with Pairings

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Three of Green Dirt Farm’s Award-Winning Blended & 100% Sheep Milk Cheeses plus delicious local pairings to accompany your cheeses. Ships Free!


    Product Quantity

    Aux Arcs 5 Oz Wedge

    Blended Sheep Milk Cheese Modeled After Beaufort 

    43 in stock


    Prairie Tomme 5oz wedge

    Green Dirt Farm’s Award-Winning, Long Aged, Hard Sheep Milk Cheese Inspired by Manchego

    3 in stock


    Bossa Washed Rind Cheese

    Green Dirt Farm’s Signature Washed Rind Sheep Milk Cheese inspired by the sheep milk torta style cheeses of Spain and Portugal and the classic French wash rind cheese Epoisses, but with our own uniqueness and terroir.

    Please Note: The next batch ships on or after November 22nd

    5 in stock


    Effie's Oatcakes

    Delicious Effie's Oatcakes. A great accompaniment for our cheese.

    43 in stock


    KC Canning Co. Vanilla Peach Bourbon Preserves

    A tasty jar of Vanilla Bourbon Peach preserves from Kansas City Canning Co.

    30 in stock


    Salume Beddu Finocchiona

    Delicious Tuscan style Salami from Salume Beddu. 6 oz.

    46 in stock


    Cheese Knife

    This elegant stainless steel cheese knife is a great addition to your cheese gift.


    GDF Cutting Board

    A handmade cutting board engraved with Green Dirt Farm's sheep logo. Great for cutting cheeses or displaying a cheese board at your next gathering!


    3 in stock

    Product Description

    Aged Artisan Cheeses with Pairings

    This collection contains a delicious assortment of our aged sheep and blended cheese styles from soft-ripened to long-aged. It also includes delicious pairings to accompany your cheeses. Add a cutting board and knife so they’re ready to unwrap and eat as soon as you open the package. You’ll receive:

    • A 5 ounce wedge of Aux Arcs our sweet and buttery blended cow and sheep’s milk cheese patterned after Beaufort and similar to a Gouda or Gruyere. 
    • A 7 ounce round of Bossa, our lovely original recipe, soft ripened sheep’s milk washed rind cheese inspired by the traditional washed rind cheeses of Europe. 
    • A 5 ounce Prairie Tomme Wedge, our rustic, hard style 100% sheep’s milk cheese modeled after Manchego.
    • a box of Effie’s Oatcakes 
    • a 6oz Finocchiona salami from Salume Beddu
    • KC Canning Co Vanilla Peach Bourbon preserves
    • Wine pairing suggestions
    • Optional add-ons: stainless steel cheese knife and a maple cutting board

    Due to the handcrafted nature of our cheese the sizes are approximate, but rest assured we’ll make sure your cheeses are at least these sizes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will my sheep cheese age before I receive it?

    Our soft ripened sheep cheeses are shipped to customers at their peak ripeness: about six to eight weeks of age. What does this mean? After the cheese is made, the surface begins to form a soft, white rind. The texture starts as semi-firm and softens as it ages from the rind inward. We deliver when it reaches the perfect texture!

    Our hard cheeses will age for at least two months before being shipped. This process ensures your cheese is fully developed and flavorful upon arrival.

    Our Fresh cheese is lactic style and fresh, meaning it’s un-aged cheese. The cheese ripens and drains for 48 hours, after which it is promptly packaged and ready for you to eat.

    How long does sheep cheese last?

    All of your cheeses are ready to eat as soon as you receive them! We recommend enjoying them within the first two weeks of opening, especially our soft-ripened cheeses, which will continue to ripen their entire shelf life. Keep it in the refrigerator to preserve freshness.

    Wedges of hard blended sheep’s milk cheese should be eaten within two weeks of being cut. However, if you spot some mold, it is safe to scrape it off and eat the remaining cheese.

    How should I prepare my sheep cheese?

    Take your cheese out of the refrigerator about an hour before you want to eat it, letting it reach room temperature before you dive in.

    When it comes to our Fresh cheeses, if you want them to be spreadable, take them out of the refrigerator about an hour before you want to eat, letting it warm up a bit before you dive in. If you prefer your Fresh cheese crumbly, like for an omelet or salad, use right out of the fridge!

    Can you eat the rind on sheep cheese?

    Yes, the rinds are safe to eat! If you prefer not to eat the rind, be sure to eat the part just under it — that’s where the most flavor is.

    Can you freeze sheep cheese?

    While it’s possible, we don’t recommend freezing cheese to preserve it. It can damage the texture and the flavor of the cheese.

    Is “stinky cheese” safe to eat?

    Don’t fear! It’s normal for cheeses to become aromatic as they ripen. When you first receive Bossa and cut into it, let it sit out of the wrapper for about 30 minutes until it reaches room temperature. It will release some of those smells in the process.

    Aromatic cheeses are among our favorites! Once you get it past your nose and into your mouth, you’re in for a wonderful surprise and complex flavors.

    Can I ship my order as a gift?

    Absolutely — artisan sheep cheeses make the best care package or gift! Let us know at checkout that your order is a gift by checking the appropriate box and filling out the recipient’s information. You can write a gift message if you’d like, which we’ll put in a card and send with the order!

    How do you ship cheese safely?

    Once your order is received, we prepare for it to be shipped to you promptly! To keep your cheese cool during its journey, we place ice packs wrapped in wax paper in the shipping cooler. We include a layer of paper fill to cushion the cheese and absorb any condensation. Finally, your cheese is packed in it’s own smaller box and placed inside the insulated cooler! The shipping box is labeled clearly as perishable and it’s ready to head your way.

    Do you offer returns if my order is lost or damaged?

    Don’t worry about returning a damaged perishable item — we will absolutely replace your order if it arrives damaged or becomes lost!

    How long will it take for my order to reach me?

    It depends when you order and where you’re located! Currently, we only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you order later than noon on Tuesday, we may wait until the following week to send your shipment. The same goes for orders with overnight shipping selected. Your cheese is perishable, and we want to ensure it gets to you safely! Email us at [email protected] if you have special requirements regarding when your shipment arrives. Read more about our shipping policy here.

    Our ground shipping zone is an approximate 900 mile radius around our dairy farm in Weston, Mo. If you live within our ground shipping zone, your shipment will take one to two days and you’ll receive free shipping on an order of at least $50.00. If you live outside of our shipping zone, we’ll ensure you get two-day shipping, which will be free on orders of at least $150.00.

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