Mini Dirt Lover


    Our popular, award-winning cheese, Dirt Lover in a new mini size. Dirt lover is a 100% sheep’s milk, bloomy rind, cheese with a light coating of vegetable ash. It tastes buttery, lemony, and mushroomy, and becomes earthy and beefy as it ripens.

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    Product Description

    Mini Dirt Lover is a half-size version of our popular award-winning Dirt Lover, a 100% sheep’s milk, soft-ripened, bloomy rind cheese with a light coating of vegetable ash. Applying ash to the rind of cheeses is an old-world cheese-making technique that helps to neutralize the pH of the rind, encouraging the desired rind formation. The dark line from the ash makes Dirt Lover a striking addition to a cheese plate. Dirt Lover is a Green Dirt Farm original recipe. It’s one of a very few soft ripened sheep’s milk cheeses made in the US.
    Approximately 3 oz piece (minimum). Due to the hand ladled nature of our aged cheeses weights are approximate.

    Dirt Lover pairs well with rosé, wheat beer, and dried apricots. It makes a wonderful salad with citrus quarters, walnuts, fennel, and a simple vinaigrette.

    Pasteurized sheep’s milk, vegetable ash, salt, cultures, natural lamb rennet.

    Dirt Lover Nutrition Facts