Our quest to create the highest quality cheeses and yogurts using milk from healthy, happy animals starts from the ground up, as our dirt is key to all that we do here at Green Dirt Farm.

We give rigorous attention to managing the grazing of our flocks in order to build healthy soil and grow nutritious pasture grasses. Raising our sheep on carefully tended pastures not only produces happy sheep and high-quality, flavorful milk; it also prevents soil erosion and helps to build top soil.

We believe that healthy soil grows yummy grass, which nourishes our ewes and produces fantastic milk. That rich milk, in turn, creates wonderful cheeses and yogurts that nurture our customers, ourselves, and our community.



We believe that grass-fed sheep are the happiest and most productive. We practice management intensive grazing to encourage the growth of the grasses that our sheep love.

As the ewes munch on this rich smorgasbord of grasses throughout the seasons, the flavors of their milk and therefore the cheeses we produce change. We celebrate these unique flavors as they reflect what the sheep are eating in the moment and remind us of the seasonality of life on the farm.

In addition, the milk of grass-fed ruminants naturally contains more omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid, beta-carotene, and vitamins E & A. This enriched nutritional profile means our grass-fed sheep’s milk products are both healthier and more flavorful.



At Green Dirt Farm, we believe that happy ewes make the most delicious milk, and we take great pride in the care and wellbeing of our animals.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, we are proud to be Animal Welfare Approved. This means that we raise our animals humanely, outdoors on pasture, and enable them to behave naturally and socialize freely. We are audited yearly to ensure that we are maintaing Animal Welfare Approved’s strict standards. To learn more about the AWA standards and practices go here.

In addition to milking our own Animal Welfare Approved ewes, we are also partnering with other small family-owned sheep dairies in neighboring communities who have also undergone the rigorous AWA auditing process. Happy, healthy sheep with high-quality milk enable us to produce award-winning cheese and yogurt.



An old cheesemakers’ saying “Cow’s milk is for butter, goat’s milk is for drinking, and sheep’s milk is for cheese” illustrates the high regard for sheep’s milk in the cheesemaking community.

The rich flavors, and unique makeup of sheep’s milk, especially grass-fed sheep’s milk, make it ideal for crafting wonderful cheeses.

The diverse grasses that our sheep eat throughout the year mean our ewes produce milk that is concentrated with a wide array of flavor compounds. This complexity makes for more delightful cheese and yogurt. In addition, sheep’s milk contains more concentrated milk solids including protein, fat, and calcium and is a marvelous milk for crafting delicious, nutritious cheeses. Our milk comes from our own flock of dairy sheep as well as from nearby dairies that promise to uphold the same Animal Welfare Approved standards and practices that we do.



Our quest is to make the very best small-batch, handcrafted cheeses and yogurts.

All of our products start with exceptional milk from lovingly-raised animals. As the milk transforms through the seasons, our cheesemakers fine-tune their art to convert this liquid treasure into delicious cheeses and yogurts. Each batch is a little bit different throughout the year due to the changes in the milk. They can vary in size, shape, and flavor. We celebrate and honor these variations in our cheeses as a reminder of their handcrafted nature and the seasonality of life on the farm.

In addition to our Fresh and Aged cheeses, we also make a line of yummy and nutritious sheep’s milk yogurts. These yogurts are made with simple, pure ingredients: whole fruit, herbs and a little bit of cane sugar. To explore our products in more depth, please visit our product page.


Our challenge is to create an environmentally sustainable business, producing high quality cheese and yogurt that will make a lasting contribution to the wellbeing of our employees and our community.

We believe it is vitally important to know and value where our food comes from, to understand all that goes into what we eat, and to appreciate the nuances and power of food.

At Green Dirt Farm, we share our knowledge of cheese and cheesemaking through a variety of events including our Farm Table Dinners and Cheese Appreciation Events as well as tours and other experiences. Please visit our events page for more information.

It goes without saying that our community is vital to the work we do at Green Dirt Farm. Our community is our partner in our quest to make the best cheese and yogurt. You have the right to know everything about how your food is prepared. We welcome your feedback about the farm and our products. If you have any questions or comments, thoughts or criticisms, please contact us at 816-386-2156 or send us an email at

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