We’re so glad you’ve stopped by! Green Dirt Farm is the place to get award-winning mixed milk and 100% sheep’s milk cheeses that are both traditional and unique, good for you and the planet, and will delight your senses and bring joy to your heart.


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Our quest to create the finest quality artisan sheep cheese starts from the ground up.


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Sheep Cheese of the Season Subscription

Includes a new virtual cheese tasting event

Give a year-long subscription celebrating the seasonality in the flavors and textures of our award winning artisan sheep milk and mixed cow and sheep milk cheeses. And enjoy an exclusive virtual cheese tasting event hosted by one of our cheese experts!

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Book a Tour & Tasting

Ever wondered what goes into running a farm and sheep dairy? Your tour will include a guided look at our farm, a glimpse inside our milking parlour and a view into our cheese kitchen, followed by a tasting at our retail shop in Weston.


Green Dirt Farm Sheep Cheese Sampler Collection

The Green Dirt Farm Sheep Cheese Sampler Collection is a wonderful way to get a taste of our award-winning sheep milk cheeses and mixed milk cheeses. Includes a tub of our spreadable Fresh Plain cheese made with 100% sheep’s milk; a round of Woolly Rind cheese, our bloomy rind cheese made with blended cow and sheep’s milk; and a round of Dirt Lover, our bloomy rind cheese.

Our Cafe in Weston, MO

The Green Dirt Farm Creamery in Weston, MO features our signature sheep cheeses, our mixed milk artisan cheeses and cow’s milk ice cream made on our sustainable farm. You’ll also find an amazing selection of sandwiches, charcuterie boards, beer, wine and other wonderful foods and crafts from local small batch makers.